Return to School Reminders!

We hope you have had a wonderful Spring Break!  We look forward to welcoming you on campus tomorrow.  Please remember the following:

  • Temperature Checks are no longer required.  The screener, found here MUST be completed and shown prior to entering the building.
  • If you are scheduled to attend in-person learning you MUST attend on campus.  If you are unable to attend please contact the front office or the administrative team.  Students who elect to attend Zoom without proper rationale or documentation will be counted absent.
  • Dismissal—Please adhere to the following procedures for dismissal to ensure the safety of all students, staff and parents:
    • Do not allow your stop with cars behind you to allow your student to get into the car.  This creates back-up in the line as well as unsafe entry for your student.  
      • Pull all the way up to the beginning of the carpool pick up OR until the car in front of you stops.
      • If your child is able to access your car from the sidewalk they may enter.
      • Wait until the car in front of you moves before you move.
  • Mask wearing is mandatory throughout the day including HAC.  Please know your child will be provided a new mask if their mask does not fit appropriately.  If a child is noncompliant or defiant about wearing a mask we will reach out to partner with parents regarding the concern.  Again, this is safety requirement that we will continue to be diligently enforcing.

We appreciate all you do each day to support our Spartans!

It is going to be a great day!

Sheena Miracle
Principal of Sedgefield Middle School