UPDATE – Instructional/Calendar Changes

On Tuesday, March 9th, the Charlotte Board of Education altered the calendar and rotations for middle school to increase frequency of face-to-face instruction. This is exciting for our face-to-face learners as many have thrived while being on campus and receiving direct support from our teachers.

The calendar changes go into effect on Monday, March 15th.  The new rotations will be as follows:

  • Monday and Tuesday—-Rotation A Spartans on campus/Rotation B Spartans and FRA learn remote
  • Wednesday—Remote Learning Day—ALL SPARTANS
  • Thursday and Friday—Rotation B Spartans on campus/Rotation A Spartans and FRA learn remote

If your child is on C rotation please know that we will provide a letter no later than Thursday, March 11th with the rotational change and if a transportation change occurs.

Please know we will provide this information as soon as possible to ensure that you can work to accommodate your Spartan.

We do ask for patience as our school and the district work to communicate the change.  We are requesting that unless critical information is needed to contact us via email to ensure the front office staff can process letters and other forms of communication to ensure all individuals receive this information timely.  The front office staff will not provide rotational updates over the phone on Wednesday or Thursday.  Teachers will also not provide rotational changes.  Rotational changes will be provided via phone from CMS OR by letter from the Sedgefield Administrative Team.

We are grateful for your patience and support as we work effectively and efficiently to adjust and communicate the change. Please know that we will prioritize safety of staff and students at all times. Continue to ask your Spartan to wear their mask over their nose and face as well as monitor social distancing.

In partnership,

Sheena Miracle
Principal of Sedgefield Middle School