Volunteers Needed for EOY Proctoring

We are in need of around 30 volunteers each day. There will be proctor training in advance of the testing days as well as proctor training on testing days. You do need to be a cleared CMS volunteer to help us. We test reading, math and 8th grade science. May 29th will be the reading test; May 30th will be the math test and June 4th will be the 8th grade science test! Testing times are from 7:45am-12:00pm for all days.


-MUST be 18 years or older and an approved CMS volunteer

-May not be assigned to proctor in a room where a relative is testing

-Read proctor guide

-Receive face-to-face proctor training

-May not assist students nor be left alone with testing materials

-May not read test directions

-Must turn off cell phone and not have access to any electronic devices.


EOG Sign Up Link-


CMS Volunteer Link-


We appreciate your willingness to serve as a proctor at our school! You make testing possible!

Questions? Contact Ms. Eldridge.