Thank you for your interest in supporting Sedgefield Middle School’s PTO! Parent involvement plays a vital role in the success of our school. Family members, staff, and community members are all welcome to join. Start or renew your membership for the 2022-23 school year by completing the form below:

PTO Membership Form

There is an annual membership fee of $5. Please note, a small convenience fee applies to online transactions.

For membership questions, please contact us at

2022-23 PTO Board Members

Co-Presidents: Meredith Murchison and Laura Murdock
Past President: Ann-Miller Mattocks and MC Phillips

Secretary: Molly Bilderback
Treasurer: Cara Pearsall

VP Communications: Susan Holloway
VP Parent and Family Support: Pam Blake

VP School and Staff Support: Ann Lambiotte

Members at Large: Lindsay Jones, LaToya McCants
Staff Advisor: Evonne Peterson

PTO Documentation

2021-22 Financial Review Report

2022-2023 PTO Budget

PTO Board Meeting Minutes

PTO Board Minutes 5.11.23

PTO Board Minutes 4.20.23

PTO Board Minutes 3.9.23

PTO Board Minutes 2.9.23

PTO Board Minutes 1.12.23

PTO Board Minutes 12.8.22

PTO Board Minutes 11.10.22

PTO Board Minutes 10.13.22

PTO Board Minutes 9.7.22

PTO Board Minutes 8.8.22

PTO General Membership Meeting Minutes

General PTO Board Meeting Minutes 5.23.22

General PTO Board Meeting Minutes 2.7.23

General PTO Membership Meeting Minutes 10.25.22

School Improvement Team (SIT)

Click here to access the School Improvement Team (SIT) website.

SMS SIT Minutes 04.17.23

SMS SIT Minutes 03.13.23 updated

SMS SIT Minutes 02.13.23

SMS SIT Minutes 01.09.23

SMS SIT Minutes 12.12.22 II

SMS SIT Minutes 11.21.22

SMS SIT Minutes 9.26.2022